It began as a landscaping idea.  Plant 10 vines alongside my home in Rancho Bernardo.  We bought the Zinfandel plants in Sonoma County, housed them in a hotel during a trade show in San Francisco, and planted in the spring of 2004.  A year later, folks were saying "what are you going to do with those grapes?"  An interest in enjoying wine turned into a passion for making it, and after procuring equipment, building refridgerated storage and eventually land for a vineyard, this "slippery slope" seemed a good name for our label.

Along the way, Ray took classes at a local community college and on-line from UC Davis, became active in the local winemaking society, and scored some nice accolades from county and state winemaking competitions.  Jeannine became the active assistant winemaker and has recently produced her own first vintage of Merlot.

Our special interest is big red wines with full body, a great finish but retaining nice fruit and nose.  We have sourced our grapes from here in San Diego (South Coast), Mexico, Paso Robles (Central Coast), Amador County (Sierra Foothills), and in particular, Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma County North Coast).

With the construction of our facilities at Highland Valley Vineyards, we soon plan to move the winemaking out of the Rancho Bernardo garage and up to the winery in Highland Valley.  Our goal is to become a bonded, commercial winery.

Here are the Slippery Slope vintages, bottled or currently in barrel storage:


 Variety Source  Comments Awards                        
 2009Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Sonoma in barrels 
 2009 Primitivo  Amador County in barrels 
 2009Zinfandel RB Vineyard used for field blend 
 2008  Brunello (Sangiovese) Guadalupe Valley in barrels 
 2008 Petit Syrah Dry Creek Sonoma in barrels                
  2008 Merlot Dry Creek Somoma in barrels 
 2008 Zinfandel  RB Vineyard used for blending 
 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon  Dry Creek Sonoma bottled 4/09 1st place Cab, 1st Red SD Fair; Silver CA State Fair
 2007 Zinfandel RB Vineyard pressed as Rose 
 2007 Zinfandel Dry Creek Sonoma 20% Petit Syrah field blend 1st place Zin, SD Fair; Bronze
 OC Fair; Silver CA Fair
 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon  Bonsall,
SD County
 Arroyo Dulce vineyard Silver, OC Fair; Silver, 
 CA State Fair
 2007 Syrah Fallbrook,
SD County
 Coyote Hills vineyard Silver, OC Fair
 2006 Vintners Blend SD County Zin/Merlot/Cab Silver, OC Fair
 2006 Petit Verdot Paso Robles used for blending 
 2006 Zinfandel  RB Vineyard used for blending 
 2006 Syrah Paso Robles bottled 2/08 5th place, SD Fair
 2006  Merlot Escondido, SD County Dunlap vineyard Silver, OC Fair
 2005 Zinfandel RB Vineyard first crush home vineyard 
 2005 Syrah Paso Robles bottled 9/06 Hon Mention OC Fair
 2005 Zinfandel Temecula Maurice Carre vineyard