Kind remarks and accolades from some of our guests and the media:

"You and Jeannine have created something really special and your wines are off the charts spectacular." Rosie, Escondido

"Highland Valley Vineyards is open Sundays noon to dusk....enjoy their fantastic big bold reds with a view from the patio that will take your breath away." Visit Escondido Facebook Page

"Enjoyed our tasting and are sure to enjoy the wine we purchased. We will be back and will spread the word!" Larry, San Diego

"We had a fantastic time and you make some amazing wines." Danielle, Vista

"Yours is our favorite winery." Bob, Escondido

"The four of us who came really enjoyed the winery and we bought 4 bottles of wine. Of the three wineries we visited that day your wine was the best and only one we bought!" Susan, Vista

"Your wine is astounding!" Todd, San Diego

"Quiet little tasting room with an amazing estate grown Cab Sauv. Definitely worth the trip." Stephen, San Diego

"One of the best places I have been in Escondido. Best wine, exquisite, the owners are so nice, awesome." Dina, Escondido

"Congratulations on your Double Gold at the Chronicle competition. Your wines consistently have the polish that wineries 100 times your size with an army of people working on them possess." Mark, Escondido

"Highland Valley Vineyards 2013 Syrah: In my judges notes it tasted straight out of the Cote-Rotie, not San Diego. Kudos." SD Union Tribune

It's a tough job, but some dog's gotta do it.

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