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2022 Clairette Blanche (aka Hook, Line & Sinker)

100% Clairette Blanche

Grapes from San Diego County.

Clairette Blanche?  Never heard of it?  It is one of the 13 approved grapes in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  It is one of six white grape varietals allowed.  Clairette is one the oldest grapes used in wine making in France, dating back to the mid 1500’s.  It is also used in the production of Vermouth!  Yum!  Now, back to our Clairette Blanche … medium gold in color.  Aromas of green apple, lemon peel, peach, floral, licorice and wet stones.  Fruit-forward, medium body and nice acid.  Green apple, lime, lemon, peach, floral, white peach, licorice and wet stones.  Fruity, aromatic, dry, refreshing, complex, captivating, alluring and surprising!  A smooth and lingering finish of lemon peel, peach and floral.  This wine is a chameleon!  It adapts to the situation – whether enjoying a glass on a lazy sunny afternoon or pairing it with a crab or lobster feast for a meal to be remembered!  Salute to Clairette – she’s a keeper!!

Food Pairings:  Crab feast with boiled red potatoes and corn on the cob; Butternut squash bisque (think Fall and Winter); Salmon on the plank with grilled veggies and cheeses such as Asiago, Gouda and Munster.

ALC: 12.5%



2020 Vecchio Mondo

100% Barbera

Grapes from San Diego County.

Close your eyes, take in the aromas and taste this wine!  You are carried away to a “piccolo caffe” in Piedmont, Italy!  This is not a California Barbera, it is an “Old World” Barbera!  Medium ruby in color with a red tint.  Aromas of red cherry, dried strawberry, dried herbs, tobacco and earth.  Fruit forward with cherry, dried strawberry, mulberry, dried herbs, earthy notes, and tobacco.  Medium body. High acid which captivates your senses and intensifies the fruit.  A lingering finish with the dried fruits and earthy notes taking the lead in this big, yet delicate wine.  Enjoy your visit to the Piedmont!  Saluti!!

Food Pairings:  Barbecue pizza with grilled veggies such as red and green bell peppers, mushrooms and broccoli; Tajarin pasta (yum, Italian pasta made with a lot of egg yokes) and shaved truffles; Salmon on the plank with grilled asparagus and cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gorgonzola and Taleggio.

ALC. 13.6%



2020 Merlot

100% Merlot

Grapes from San Diego County.

Deep ruby in color. Aromas of red cherry, blackberry, black cherry, dried herbs, cedar and coffee.  Fruit forward, medium body, smooth tannins and balanced acid.  Red cherry, raspberry, black cherry, blackberry, dried herbs, vanilla, cedar and coffee.  WOW!  I am transported to our backyard, sitting around the fire pit and sipping this tantalizing wine on a cool fall evening.  The smell of wood burning and sipping this Merlot has me craving S’mores!  A long and lingering finish of cherry, raspberry and vanilla – better have a lot of marshmellows, chocolate and graham crackers at the ready!!

Food Pairings: French onion soup with a slice of french bread and Gruyere cheese; Beef stew with carrots, onions and potatoes; Grilled lamb chops with broccolini and roasted potatoes, onions and red bell peppers and cheeses such as Camembert, Cheddar and Jarlsberg.

ALC. 13.6% 



2020 My Fair Fella

70% Zinfandel, 20% Syrah, 10% Petite Sirah

Grapes from San Diego County.

An American Zin meets two French gals and is better for it!  Deep ruby in color.  Aromas of strawberry, raspberry, red cherry, boysenberry, blackberry, jam, butterscotch and sweet tobacco. Oh, so smooth!  Fruit forward, full-bodied and spot on acid and tannins.  Strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry, red cherry, cinnamon and sweet tobacco.  STOP! The finish just keeps going and going. A wine, with several personalities yet brings it home in an elegant and captivating way that calls out for summertime bar-b-ques, lazy days at the pool, exciting sailing adventures (Patrick), the celebration of the completion of a 20 mile hike (Jeannine and Ray) – or dinner with friends and family!  A wine that wants to be shared!

Food Pairings:  Lasagna with ground bison; Bar-b-que baby back ribs with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce and coleslaw; French onion soup with homemade baguettes and cheeses such as Aged Havarti, Feta and Blue.

ALC. 13.8%



2021 Syrah

100% Syrah.

Grapes from San Diego County.

Deep ruby in color with a hint of purple on the rim.  Pronounced aromas of red cherry, blackberry, sweet tobacco.  After a swirl, aromas of red cherry, raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, sweet tobacco, smoke and black pepper.  Fruit forward, full-bodied, smooth tannins and balanced acid.  Red cherry, boysenberry, black cherry, blackberry, blackberry jam, dried herbs, black pepper, sweet tobacco, vanilla, and smoke.  WOW!  So much is going on with this Sarah – so complex and yet, so simple and unique.  This wine is a journey.  A fun and exciting trip that keeps you guessing at each turn and oh, does it deliver.  A long, lingering and surprising finish of boysenberry, blackberry, sweet tobacco and chocolate!  Where did that chocolate come from?  Simple and unique – what more can you ask for!

Food Pairings:  Wild mushroom risotto; Barbequed baby back ribs with extra barbecue sauce; Grilled pork tenderloin with raspberry sauce, grilled veggies and potatoes and cheeses such as Roquefort, Asiago and Brie.

ALC. 14.2%



2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Grapes from Alexander Valley, Somona County.

Deep ruby in color.  Nice legs!  Aromas of blackberry, black currant, black cherry, jam, red bell pepper, baking spices and cedar.  Full body, fruit forward, balanced acid and nice tannins.  Flavors of black cherry, blackberry, black currant, prune, jam, baking spices, cedar, leather and a hint of cocoa.  A finish that lingers, lingers and lingers – and it is still going!!  Flavors full of dark fruit, jam, cedar and leather.  A big wine that is smooth, elegant and alluring – it literally seduces you!  This wine is screaming – Date Night with my Sweetie!!!  So, grab your special someone and let the adventure begin!

Food Pairings:  Mac and Cheese (don’t knock it til you try it – delicious!); Oven roasted turkey, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce (thinking Thanksgiving!); Steak and blue cheese salad with apple slices and a strawberry blush wine vinegarette and cheeses such as Gruyere, Aged Cheddar and Blue Cheese.

ALC. 13.9%



Nate the Great

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